Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

Is it worth it to keep spending money that you technically shouldn’t be spending or don’t have? Well of course not! But it can be harder said than done. Life throws many obstacles at us which can become very expensive like an unexpected car issue you need to fix, your kids sign up for a new activity, an unexpected family travel emergency, the list goes on. Even though your daily Starbucks routine came to a dead spot, with inflation rates up 7.7% in the last year, almost everything we do has a larger price tag on it. With the holidays fastly approaching, it can be hard to save and a stressful time for many households. 

You aren’t going to be able to pay off your debt overnight or let go of the stress it holds but there are small ways you can make a little difference which will ultimately compound into something bigger. For starters, creating a monthly budget is one way to visually see where all your money is going. You could also hire a professional to help you accurately save and plan or use free tools you can find on Google to create a budgeting spreadsheet. 

Don’t forget to plan out your month like when you will need to eat out, what social activities can you avoid or can do them differently. It is always helpful to be mindful of the future. If you remember why you are avoiding events, unnecessary trips or dinners, think of the stress this extra debt is going to cause you down the road. Lastly, get creative! Instead of hitting the theater for a family movie night, set up a cool at home movie night which is going to majorly lighten your wallet. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. When you feel defeated, remind yourself you are doing the right thing and how your actions are moving you that much closer to being debt free which will give you more freedom in the future.